A type of visa provided to foreign nationals who is coming temporarily to perform, teach or coach as artists or entertainers, individually or as part of a group, under a program that is culturally unique.

The applicant should take into consideration:

  • The program may be of a commercial or noncommercial nature.
  • The purpose of the stay is developing, interpreting, representing, coaching, or teaching a unique or traditional ethnic, folk, cultural, musical, theatrical, or artistic performance or presentation. In addition, the foreign national must be coming to the United States to participate in a cultural event or events which will further the understanding or development of your art form.
  • The U.S. employer or sponsoring organization must demonstrate foreign national or the group’s skills in performing, presenting, coaching or teaching the unique and traditional art forms OR documentation that the foreign national or the group’s performance is culturally unique as evidenced by reviews in newspapers, journals or other published materials.
  • Initial period of stay is limited to the completion of the event, competition or performance, not to exceed one year. Extensions of stay are limited to increments of up to a year.