Transportation Law

Transportation Law is the area of Law dealing with transport. The laws can apply very broadly at a transport system level or more narrowly to transport things or activities within that system such as vehicles, things and behaviours.

Over the past 12 years, the Lowenfeld Law Office has represented the NY Tracking Delivery Association (NYTDA, Inc.) to investigate and prosecute matters, including summons issuance practices in New York City by Police and Traffic agents to commercial vehicles serving the City of New York. These investigations have led to many positive changes and in some cases, necessary litigation to protect the rights of our client NYTDA and the industry it serves.

As the example:

As counsel to NYTDA, the Lowenfeld Law office filed suit in the Eastern District Court in April 2011, along with co-counsel in the matter of (11-CV-01836) NYTDA. The City of New York in a case involving thousands of wrongly issued parking summonses. The individual rights of NYTDA were settled in their favor in May of 2015 and in the end of 2015 the Lowenfeld Law Office won this class action case against the City of New York.

Currently the Lowenfeld Law Office represents NYTDA in a separate civil rights case (14-05393) filed September 2014, in the Eastern District related the NYC Hearings by Web program for adjudicating summonses electronically that the Plaintiff by its counsel, the Lowenfeld Law Office, intends to prove. The City of New York misappropriated that NYTDA’s property related to that program for its own use without payment.