O-1B Visa is a type of visa which is related to having extraordinary abilities in the entertainment industry, if to be more precise, it’s the category of Arts and Motion Pictures. Individual’s extraordinary ability can be proved in three ways.

The first one is to show the one-time achievement, nomination or receipt of a national or international award or prize in the particular field.

The second one is prove your abilities by showing special documentations. If you’re lacking such a rare national or international prize, you can check the list below and find out whether you’re a suitable candidate.

There must be at least three of the following criteria:

  1. The activity in the field of specialization which is proved by the critical reviews, ads, publications, PR releases, contracts etc.
  2. The publications about the individual and his researches for the topic of specialization in the major papers or trade journal.
  3. Take an active part in the organization of the capacity of the firm that has distinguished reputations. This achievement must be proved by media articles, testimonials, etc.
  4. Reports about the major commercial or critically claimed success.
  5. Individual should achieve significant recognition from organizations, critics, etc.