Second Direct Investment

Direct investment is ideal for the candidate seeking an active role in the investment and for the investor who is certain that the investment can lead to the job creation requirement comfortably. In a direct investment an investor has greater opportunity to implement control in the day-day managerial duties and can exercise a greater degree of involvement. Although, involvement and management are required in direct investment, expertise can be sought and duties can be delegated to US based management companies while still exercising the necessary amount of control to satisfy the USCIS requirements.

Investment industries for direct investment are varied and not limited to traditional options. Examples of industries that an investor can potentially invest into include but are not limited to medical establishments, vineyards, franchises, themed restaurants, educational centers, trucking companies, etc.


  • Norequirements foreducation, experience, age, language proficiency
  • The status ofpermanent residentorgreen card, in a few months
  • The rightto live and work anywhere in the US
  • The investmentmadeby the investorin the selectedobject, includingcommercial real estate
  • Rightvezzhatand leave the United States with out restrictionany where in the world
  • The investoris not required tomanage the projectandbe in the United States
  • Permanent resident status (i.e., a Green Card) for their family.

Direct Investors usually have more options in selecting a type of exit strategy upon having conditions from their green card removed. Investors can continue to operate in its sole discretion: to take their money out of the business, sell it or stay owner.